Do You Really Need Tree Spraying Services?

Maintaining the landscape of your home or business can be a daunting task. It requires time and effort, not to mention hefty expenses, especially if you own more than an acre. The difficult decision to put forth the effort yourself or the capital to hire professional tree services can send you into a frenzy!
How do we determine what tree services are necessary and what are not? Is tree spraying something we really need? Well, the short answer is “yes”, but let’s determine why.



Understanding Your Tree’s Health Requirements

Trees have existed in nature unassisted for eons, but that doesn’t mean they’re healthier without our help. All types of vegetation are susceptible to disease, premature decay, overgrowth, and insect infestation, among other things.

Tree spraying offers a way to protect your trees from these harsh environmental factors. Adding a chemical compound to tree canopies and root systems fortify their defenses and can even dispel any existing signs of ailment. Though healthy trees may live well unassisted, tree spraying gives them the opportunity to become stronger and reach full maturity.



Address the Underlying Threats

Depending on your geographic location, certain species of trees are predisposed to diseases that can wipe out whole groves. As well, ideal climate conditions make it easy for certain insects to make your trees their home – and even dinner.

Applying tree spray eliminates the threat, and certainly curbs the spread of any existing illness in the area. Tree diseases attack trees in specific geographic areas such as Eastern Pennsylvania with diseases like Bacterial Leaf Scorch. However, some species of trees are targeted by diseases such as Dutch elm disease. Stay proactive if you suspect your trees may be desired for the influx.

Fruit Trees Need Special Attention

If you think fruit trees are yummy, think about the thousands of insects lurking in the soil! Spraying your trees protects the fruit from becoming a buffet for tiny critters. Bigger animals, like deer and rabbits, are also fruit tree thieves. That/s why fruit tree spray will help you.

Don’t spend time, money, and energy putting up fences and scarecrows when an organic tree spray will ward off hungry wildlife, big and small. The right spray can also increase the amount of fruit each tree yields!


Tree Spraying Alternatives

Though pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides may sound more harm than good, on most occasions they do absolutely no damage to trees, surrounding foliage, and scurrying woodland creatures. However, when used in the wrong dosage or applied to the wrong type of plant, adverse effects may occur.

Calling on a professional tree service company to spray your trees is your best bet. They have the experience necessary to use the appropriate chemical and accurate mixture to defend your trees. However, there are plenty of organic tree sprays on the market that does just as well in protecting your trees from hungry scavengers and rampant tree diseases.