Flower Gardening – A Rising Hobby

A popular kind of gardening is to have a flower garden. Nearly everyone loves the sight of bright colored flowers when they are on a summer night walk. Flower gardening has become a very popular hobby for many gardeners. It is very inexpensive and very self-rewarding when the flowers begin to bloom.




If you are thinking about growing a flower garden this year, there a few things to consider before just jumping into it. One thing you need to think about is whether you would like to plant annuals or perennials. Annuals will live for one year only and must be replanted every year if you want them to grow in the garden again. Perennials, on the other hand, will live throughout the winter frost and will start to bloom again the following spring.




You will also want to plan out the look of your garden before you begin planting. A great place to get ideas is on the internet. Browse around and search for different pictures of flower gardens and get an idea of what appeals to you. There are several varieties of color, height, and looks when it comes to flowers and many of them go together beautifully.




A great place to find seeds is also online. Just run a search on your favorite search engine for “flower seed catalogs” or something similar. There are tons of places to purchase the seeds you are looking for. Browsing these catalogs is also a great way to get more ideas for planning your flower garden. Another option you have is to simply go to your local garden center. Many times you can buy flowers that are already grown and then you just have to replant them in your garden at home.




After you have planted your flower garden you will need to keep regular maintenance on it. This is really easy to do, and many find it quite enjoyable and even stress-relieving. Be sure to spread a bag of fertilizer soon after you plant your garden. This will help the flowers grow healthy and strong. Other than this you simply need to pull any weeds that happen to sprout and be sure to water them on a regular schedule.




When the flowers have bloomed all the “hard” work is all worth it. Flower gardens are very beautiful and add a lot to your property.