Green Lawn Care Tips For Continued Growth

Green lawn care: Lawns are an integral part of beautifying the surroundings of your house and the landscape. Luscious green grass with trimmed overheads can add charisma to any garden thereby increasing its natural appeal. Growing a green lawn can be a rewarding experience both for an individual and the environment, depending on the way it is cultivated and maintained. Since its part of the natural ecological system, taking care of it should not disturb the delicate environmental balance in any way. For that reason here are some green lawn care tips that can help your lawn grow healthy and green, without harming the environment in any way.



There are various processes involve in growing and taking care of lawns. Planting is the initial process for cultivating a green lawn. Depending on the climate, new lawns are planted by either sowing seeds or by Sodding. Although seeding is less expensive than sodding, it takes longer for the seeds to develop into a fully grown green lawn as compared to laying sods which act almost like an instant lawn. The next step is maintaining or taking care of your cultivated lawn by various green lawn care practices that help in its healthy growth and timely development. This involves the use of organic or green pesticides along with green gardening techniques to protect your lawn from pests and rodents in an eco-friendly manner.


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Protecting your grass from unwanted weed and other wild plant growth and green lawn fertilizing is also a vital part of the green lawn care program. Weeds can sprout out of nowhere and can disturb the growth of your plants and grass by diverting the life-giving sunlight and soil nutrition away from them. This can be controlled with the help of organic weed killers which can be bought at a local store or prepared at home. Green lawn care involves the use of only organic products for maintenance is due to their eco-friendly properties. Not only does it protects the environment but it also has a positive effect on human health.



Apart from cultivating and maintaining, mowing is another important aspect of green lawn care that keeps the grass in a uniform order. You can mow your lawn with the help of various different lawn mowers that are available in the market, but being a green gardener, it is highly advisable that you use manual or electric lawn mowers only since they have no or low emissions.