How Does A Greenhouse Work?

Ever wondered how does a greenhouse work? Most gardeners will take it for granted that you’ll know the answer. However, let’s not assume anything! After all its not a magical coincidence that Greenhouses can be made of glass. Whilst we are dismissing myths, it’s also worth remembering that it doesn’t need to be bright sunshine for a greenhouse to ‘work’.




Your Greenhouse is a way for you to grow plants in an indoor environment, where you are controlling the climate and the pests. Yes, what you say goes! This is why it’s important to understand what your plants need, and for you to be in tune with your local growing season. To get a greenhouse in full working order, you do not need a great deal of equipment. In fact, you don’t necessarily need a purpose-built building, although it is handy if everything is all together.

Let’s look at what the Greenhouse building needs.



How does a Greenhouse Work – What is your situation?


Choosing a plot can be integral to your garden. Consider the following points.

Using for Vegetables – If you are looking to grow extensive vegetables, it would make sense to have your Greenhouse near the vegetable patch. The greenhouse is likely to be tucked away towards the end of the garden so that there is potential to fence his dogs away from the veggies!

Visibility – If you are not a particularly tidy person, you may wish to “hide” your Greenhouse in the working part of your garden.




Safety – You may want to tuck the Greenhouse away from the other users of the garden, especially pets and kids.

Access – For those that need a little more reminding to visit your seedlings, placing your Greenhouse in an easily accessible and obvious place may be of benefit for you.

As with anything like this, make sure you are honest with YOU. It doesn’t matter to anyone else, it is a practical building, so make sure it’s where it suits you! For our town garden, we are not blessed with space. I would dearly love to have a dedicated building, but we are working on alternative Greenhouse solutions.



How does a Greenhouse Work – Choosing your plot


Ideally, you will level your groundworks first. This will make putting together a Greenhouse kit, easier to do. If you are looking to custom build your Greenhouse, then planning is vital. So what does the Greenhouse need to be effective?

Light – hiding this under the trees, is not ideal.

Access – Can you get a wheelbarrow, soil bags, pots and plants to your greenhouse safely? I would advise against steps, as this can be precarious.




Watering – Can you easily get water to your site? There are a number of ways to water a greenhouse, but if you are relying on a watering can then make sure it’s near your water supply!

Situation – You are going to be controlling the climate in the Greenhouse. The best way to start is to place this in a cool, but warm, flat, light place in the garden. Take into consideration shelter from wind, as well as what you plan to grow.

Now armed with the knowledge of ‘how does a greenhouse work’, you can select the ‘perfect plot’. Your next step is to measure the plot and purchase your Greenhouse.