How To Grow Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass juice provides excellent benefits for the body. People who take it daily testify that they’re more energized and have a better immune system. Wheatgrass supplements abound in wellness stores but they’re quite costly. Why not grow your own wheatgrass and extract the juices? It’s healthier and you’ll get the emotional benefits of gardening. Here’s a step-by-step instruction on wheatgrass cultivation.



What You Need:

  • One cup or 150 grams of wheatgrass grain
  • Seedling tray
  • A colander or sieve
  • Water bottle sprayer
  • Good potting soil
  • One liter jar
  • An old cheesecloth, or any thin rug


Place the grains in the jar and fill it with water. The seeds will re-hydrate and double in size overnight.

Strain the water out on a sieve. Make sure to wash the seeds thoroughly to remove all the starch that may promote the development of mold.
The seeds will sit in the sieve for another 12 hours. Keep the seeds from drying by running tap water over the seeds every two hours. It’s advisable to cover the colander with cling wrap. The seeds will grow to fill two cups.



As the seeds germinate, prepare your seed tray. This amount can be accommodated in a 12” x 10.5” tray, or close to this size. A perfect seed tray will have holes at the bottom to drain out excess water. You can lay the bottom with small bits of charcoal to keep the soil aired. Lay an inch of soil on the tray and spray it with lots of water.


Spread the germinated seeds on the tray on the wet soil. Cover the seeds with the wet cloth. It’s crucial to keep spraying the seeds in the next 48 hours. The seed tray must also be placed in a semi-sun lit room, not directly under sunlight.
The seeds will show small white roots by the 3rd day. You may replace the cloth with a holed plastic lid or another tray seedling. Do not forget to moisten the seeds at least twice a day. When in a really hot environment, spray it 4 times a day.



When the cultured seeds are about one inch tall, the cover may be removed. It can also be exposed to sunlight but not directly. The wheatgrass will mature in 7 days and will be ready for harvest when it reaches 7 or 8 inches in height.
Cut the grass from 1 centimeter above the soil with scissors. Do not pull off the roots because it can re-propagate. Continue watering the grass lightly.