How to Make a Tiered Strawberry Planter

This DIY tiered strawberry planter project is a perfect weekend project to create your vertical strawberry garden. It has 3 tiered box planters raised from the ground, great for small space gardening.


The ideal planter for strawberries


Strawberry is probably outstanding amongst other organic product you can develop! It is a tenderfoot benevolent. Strawberry plants are so easy to take care of and will reward you with bunches of strawberries all through the late spring as long as you keep the water coming. It is also a small space benevolent because of the compact plant size. On the off chance that you just got a patio yet want to develop edibles, strawberry is the way to go!

This DIY tiered strawberry planter venture is an ideal end of the week task to create your vertical strawberry garden. It has 3 tiered box planters raised from the beginning, for small space gardening.



DIY tiered strawberry box planter, vertical garden idea


It is unquestionably worth some an opportunity to consider which planter to house those charming strawberry plants. To deliver a great deal of heavenly strawberries, you’ll have to plant many plants, because of the nature of how strawberries are shaped on the plants. And that will take a great deal of horizontal space.

So it is ideal to develop them vertically. Because of that, there are many individuals utilize vertical strawberry planters, for example, this stackable planter, and this terra cotta planter.

Because we plant to place the strawberry planter in our backyard, we might want it to look increasingly permanent and mix in better with our backyard landscape. The tiered box planter will be so ideal for planting strawberries! It is shallow and wide with the goal that we can pack many plants inside. And each level is staggered to maximize the daylight got.

We’ve already gained some understanding of building garden stuff from the $5 DIY trellis tutorial I posted a couple of months back, so this tiered strawberry planter is a great chance to take our aptitude to the following level.

This is the strawberry planter in early March, when strawberries started framing:



And this is mid-April, that you can already get some mature berries. Strawberry is a satisfying plant to develop as it produce organic products very fast, and always tastes delightful.



For wood screws, make certain to pick weather-resistant materials, so it won’t dissolve the wood after some time. Some material is stainless steel, brass, or zinc coated.


DIY tiered strawberry planter process


Drill a few openings on the bottom of each planter box to make sure water can drain

To make sure it is overly solid, utilize outside wood paste to stick together the container and use brad nail to nail those boards together. To polish it off, screw some 2″ screws near the finish of each side.



Exercises learned

One thing I wish we have done is to seal the wood. After an entire season of training, the crate starts to look weathered. That is because we didn’t do anything to the wood: we didn’t stain it nor seal it. It is still extremely durable, yet in the event that you like another look and is anything but a major fan of the provincial style, you should seal the wood to add a defensive completion.