Organic Pesticides: What You Need To Know

An integral part of green farming or organic gardening is to protect the product and the plants from insects or pests without the use of harmful chemical pesticides. Keeping the cultivation safe from unwanted visitors and creatures without harming the environment is a major cause of concern for every green gardener. To resolve this situation in an eco-friendly way, organic gardening encourages the use of organic pesticides. These types of pesticides contain wholesome natural ingredients that do not harm the produce or the environment in any way and are completely safe to use.



As compared to conventional pesticides that contain harmful synthetic chemicals that can damage the environment when sprayed or even human health with direct exposure, organic pesticides do not pose any such threat. In fact with the growing awareness towards various environmental issues, an increasing number of people are opting for green or organic farming practices that incur only eco-friendly methods and wholesome organic products for growing plants and food production. Being 100% organic, these products and techniques do not harm the food product in any manner while getting rid of pests or rodents quite effectively.



How do organic farmers control pests without pesticides


Green farmers insist on the use of various organic pesticides on their farms and gardens due to their harmless inherent qualities. These pesticides are chemical-free and can be bought from any garden supply store or even online. Although there are various commercial organic pesticide brands available in the market, you can also prepare them at home. There are a number of ingredients present in your kitchen that can be used as pest repellents. Garlic is one such ingredient that repels many harmful insects such as aphids from destroying your hard grown crop. Other similar pest repellant ingredients include anise, catnip, and hot peppers. Just plant one of them according to the type of plantation and watch your crop grow free from insects or rodents. There are different organic pesticides for different pest problems which is why it is highly recommendable to consult a local garden supply store before getting one for your garden or farm.



Green gardening or organic farming is more than just farming practices, they are a lifestyle choice that can have a positive impact on both human health and the environment. Organic pesticides are part of that choice, contributing greatly towards a healthy tomorrow.