So What Is ‘Green Weed Killer’ Anyway?

Green Weed Killer: One of the common most problems any gardener faces in his or her garden is the unwanted growth of weeds. These pesky little plants sprout out of nowhere and pose a big risk towards the growth of the main plantation. Blocking the sunlight and thriving on the nutrients from the soil, weeds can seriously harm the growth of the main plant. They grow quite fast and can take over an entire garden if left unchecked. Keeping this in mind, the first thing gardeners tend to do at the sighting of any weed is to rush out and buy weed killers.



Weed killers are tried and tested, an age-old formula that is quite beneficial in controlling the spread of weeds in a garden. So, what kills grass and weeds permanently? Although one can also pull the weeds out by hand since they reproduce quite rapidly, even the tiniest part of it left inside the soil can grow and spread all over again. Using a green weed killer not only kills it thoroughly but also constricts its spread further. There are a number of weed killers available out there. But if you are a green farmer, the best weed killer is only green weed killers. These are chemical-free mixtures that are completely safe to use and in-sync with the environment. They are made of organic substances that do not harm the produce of the soil.


More On Green Weed Killer

Chemical weed killers on the other hand consist of harmful chemicals that although can be quite effective in killing the weeds instantaneously, can have an adverse effect on the rest of the plants as well. Since they are fast-acting due to their chemical formula, they can also affect the soil’s nutritious balance making it lose its natural texture. Prolonged use of chemical weed killers and pesticides is also not recommendable by many agricultural research institutes.




As an alternative, gardeners prefer the use of a green weed killer over the chemical ones due to their several eco-friendly qualities. Moreover, one can also make an effective, environment- friendly and economical organic or green weed killer at home with the use of vinegar, salt, and liquid soap. This mixture can be used with the help of a spray bottle for spraying over the weeds on a hot summer day and can yield fairly remarkable results. Green weed killers are part of green gardening techniques that are quite essential for sustaining a healthier and bright future.