Supplies and Equipment When Planting Seeds

If you are planning on raising plants directly from seeds, you need to have the right kind of supplies and equipment on hand. Gardeners typically fall into two types. The first one is those that prefer to use homemade supplies and equipment like old ironing boards, yogurt cups, and shop lights while the second one is the more methodical type of gardener that makes use of heat pads, grow lights and propagation units. Usually, the best way to grow seeds is by combining the two.


Here are a few things that you should have when planting seeds:

Containers – Truth is you can actually start your seeds on almost all kinds of containers as long as they can hold 1 to 2 inches of starting soil without accumulating water. Once the seedlings grow roots they can be transplanted to a bigger pot for them to grow. Egg cartons, yogurt cups, and milk cartons are great for planting seeds but make sure that they have a hole at the bottom to drain water properly.



Potting and Seed-Starting Mixes – When planting seeds you need to use the right seed-starting mix to raise your seeds properly. Keep in mind that seeds already have the necessary nutrients they need to grow that is why you should choose a mix that doesn’t contain them. Among the best mixes that you can use are peat moss, perlite, milled sphagnum moss, and compost. Once your seedlings have their first true leaves, it is the right time for you to transplant them in pots that contain potting soil that contains nutrients needed to boost their growth.



Lighting – If you are planning on growing your seeds indoors, you need to create an artificial lighting system to help them grow properly. Seedlings require 14 to 16 hours of strong light. This can be a problem if you will be growing your seeds on window sills where light might not be enough especially when the seasons change. This is where grow lights come in. Suspend the lights closer to the seeds and turn them on for 14 hours to supply your seeds with ample light.



These are just a few things that you will need when it comes to planting seeds. You can ask for advice from your local gardener on how you can start your own seedlings in your own backyard or even indoors so you can have an idea on how to set up your space correctly.