Tips to Care for Your Lawn

Everyone dreams of having the perfect lawn on their property but achieving it is another matter. It can be expensive to hire someone to see to the upkeep of your lawn that is why you need to learn the basics of caring for your own space to achieve the desired look and at the same time, save your hard-earned money.




Set the Soil – The key to a good lawn is to plan and prepare your soil. This means preparing the space where you want your lawn to appear by removing all debris and weeds. Rototill the soil up to six inches for better drainage and to loosen up compact areas. Add compost and loam to the soil to further enrich it. However, before you do all these, make it a point to test the pH levels of your soil so you will know what type of lawn to plant.



Seeding – A good carpet of sod can give you a beautiful looking lawn but this can also be expensive. An alternate method is to seed your lawn area instead. Hydroseeding is also another popular method since it eliminates the trouble of hand seeding.



Mow Correctly – Achieving the perfect looking lawn also resides on how well you mow your lawn. Experts suggest that you choose the highest notch in your mower so that the top part of your lawn gets mowed. Taller grass is much better compared to shorter ones because it doesn’t dry your lawn faster. It also means better root development giving you a rich looking lawn to enjoy.



Water Deep – One of the secrets to having a good lawn is to water it once every week but deep. This encourages the roots of your grass to go deep which is far better than shallow watering which can cause your lawn to turn brown due to thatch. Again, knowing the type of soil that you have will tell you how much water your lawn will need.



Feed Your Lawn – Even your lawn will get hungry for nutrients hence it is best that you fertilize your lawn twice a year. Applying dolomitic lime is also suggested because watering the soil can increase its acidity. The lime will bring back the pH balance of your soil while providing it with the necessary vitamins and minerals for a better-looking lawn.



Following these tips will help you achieve a lawn that you will be proud of and the best part is that you don’t have to hire someone else to do it for you.