Top 6 Gardening Mistakes You Should Avoid

As a new gardener, it is very easy to make simple mistakes. Gardening is not as difficult as it might seem, but there are common mistakes that almost everyone who has ever tried their hand at gardening has made. Below are six of the most popular and easily avoided mistakes:



Mistake №1: Prepare your Soil

Not all soil is created equal, and some are just not conducive to successful gardening. Clear all weeds and make sure there aren’t any large roots that will get in the way of your new plant’s roots. Add a fresh layer of topsoil and till the ground afterward. This can be done with a power tiller or by hand, depending on the size of your garden and how much effort you wish to put forth.



Mistake №2: Treat Weeds, Not the Soil

In the past, gardeners would treat the soil that they were using for planting instead of getting rid of the weeds individually. One example of this is when farmers would salt the ground before planting asparagus. Asparagus is resistant to salt, but weeds aren’t. We now know that this is a very bad practice, as it ruins the soil for future generations of gardeners.



Mistake №3: Don’t Water with an Irrigation System

It is very easy to fall into the trap of automatically watering your garden. It saves a lot of time and seems like the right thing to do. Watering every day can cause roots to grow on the surface, which causes weak plants. Water once a week by hand, and make sure everything is soaked. Also, try to give the soil a chance to dry before the night to avoid mold growth.



Mistake №4: Don’t Bathtub your Plants

This is a very common mistake and can be particularly bad for plants if you live in an area with dense soil. Bathtubbing refers to only digging out enough area to fit the plant and the soil that comes with it. This leads to a bathtub effect every time it rains or you water the plant, leading to root rot or mold. Dig at least twice as much area around your plant as you need to avoid this problem.


Mistake №5: Get Plants Suited to your Area

A lot of gardeners get plants that just won’t grow in their climate and soil type, and they are disappointed when their garden dies, even though they have seemingly done everything right. Take into account things like how much shade your garden will get, how much rain you normally receive, and what kind of soil you have.



Mistake №6: Protect your Garden

There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and going outside to find that your garden has been completely eaten by deer or other animals. The easiest ways to solve this problem are by putting up a small 2 or 3-foot fence around the garden, or by using natural repellents. If you use repellents, don’t forget to apply them weekly or as recommended to make sure the animals stay away.



Gardening is a very rewarding and relaxing pastime that the whole family can enjoy. Making sure you avoid the mistakes detailed above can help ensure that your new garden is a successful one for years to come.