Wooden Garden Furniture Clearance

In August and September, you can find some fantastic bargains in garden centers and online garden retailers alike. They need to shift their summer stock, at any price. Next summer’s stock will arrive in spring and they have to make room for all those imitations and real Christmas trees and the associated paraphernalia.



Wooden garden furniture clearance prices are usually down to only a quarter of the early summer prices in End-of-Summer sales. If your garden furniture is looking a bit tired you can replace it in September for next to nothing. Alternatively buy the furniture you love that is reduced to reasonable price levels in clearance sales.


A Few Warnings

Watch out for packages that have been opened and returned. Check that you can still return them if there is anything missing. Very often there will be bolts missing. People sometimes buy a second set of furniture just to get one replacement bolt then return it to the shop to be sold “as new”.



If yours is the last one of a line the package may have been opened to provide missing nuts and pieces when customers have come back with complaints. You can always get your money back of course if the item is not “fit for purpose”, but it is a nuisance and meanwhile you may have missed another bargain.



If you buy an online check for postage and return costs. Make sure you have your measurements right and have not confused centimeters and inches. Only buy from reputable retailers. If you buy on an auction site read the description carefully. Look for missing statements. An unfinished timber garden set that requires oiling could be described legitimately as a “timber garden set”. When it arrives you find that it meets the description exactly but you had expected something different.